Here are the timecards for Neil Godfrey , showing how he claims to have worked eight hours on every holiday. It appears (however unconfirmed) that those "holiday" hours affect the State's Sheriff retirement fund. First of all, Sheriff Godfrey does not work overtime. His own staff refers to him as the "Solar Power Sheriff," because if the sun isn't shinning, he isn't working. The bottom line is, every time he put 8 holiday hours on his timecard, it pushes him 1.5 days closer to a retirement check. A Sheriff has to serve 10 years to qualifiy for retirement, but by putting the bogus holiday hours on his timecard, he qualifies for retirement in just 8.5 years. I call this back door stealing. The Sheriff will claim, since he is on call 24 hours a day, this is an acceptable practice, but you and I see it differently. This practice shows exactly what we already knew about the Sheriff. He is in it for himself. He could care less how hard you have to work to pay for the taxes that pay for his retirement check. This backdoor practice of claiming false hours worked is morally wrong. The Sheriff knows it, but he does not care. He is only in it for the money. It is legalized stealing and shows a true lack of character and integrity.