Biography of Steve Adams


Before I came to the sandhills I had a big intense management career. I graduated from North Carolina State University in 1975 with a bachelor of arts in business management. In fact, that was the first year they offered the words "Business Management" on a diploma from North Carolina State University, and since my last name is Adams, I was the first person to get a "Business Management" degree from North Carolina State University. From there I went on to become Project Manager/CEO at Kildaire Farms in Cary, North Carolina's first and largest planned unit development. Every planned unit development in this state has been patterned off of the work that I did at Kildaire Farms. After that, I started and built my own construction company, and grew it into the largest residential construction company in the state of North Carolina. At the same time I owned and operated the largest nightclub on the East Coast with over 40,000 members, and I accomplished all this by the age of 38. Ultimately the layers and layers of government bureaucracy took away the fun of building and developing housing projects, so I shut down my construction enterprise and invested in the broadcast media which is where I am today. So you see ladies and gentlemen, I am a professional manager. I know how to manage resources, assets, and personnel.

This is where my opponent and I greatly differ in our backgrounds. He is a career government employee with a law enforcement background. I come from the private sector with a strong business management background. The wise men who came before us, and wrote our Constitution, knew the importance of separating powers which is why they wanted our military to be controlled by a civilian, and set up the commander-in-chief of our military, to be the President of the United States, a civilian. They knew the importance of keeping the two separated. That is what I am asking you to do here. Our Sheriff's Department is basically our local military, and I am asking you to alter the Fox guarding the henhouse effect that has been going on for quite some time here in Moore County.

Ladies and gentlemen may I strongly suggest that the office of Sheriff is a management position. It is about managing resources, assets, and personnel. The sheriff does not go around kicking in doors and making arrests. An effective Sheriff is an effective manager. A good analogy would be the airline industry. Let's look at three of the airline companies. Let's take United, American, and US Airlines. Now let's look at the 3 CEO's of these three airlines. These three CEOs have three things in common. First, none of them come from an airline background. They all come from a management background. Second, because of their abilities to manage resources, assets, and personnel, they have made air travel the safest form of travel on the face of the earth, second to none. Millions of people walk on their airplanes every year and strap themselves in their seats voluntarily. They may feel like a sardine, but they feel safe, and they have every expectation to arrive at their destination safely, and they feel that way because of the management skills of these CEOs. The third thing these CEOs have in common is that not one of them knows how to fly an airplane, or even fix an airplane for that matter. They are great managers, and that is what makes their industry safe.