We can accept your donations by mail or online. Some folks prefer to send us a check.

You'll be supporting a candidate with honesty, and integrity, who will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in Moore County.

It takes a considerable amount of funds to run a campaign, even at county level. I sincerely appreciate your support in any way, and especially for the donation of your hard-earned money. I am very grateful for your support!

If you wish to contribute, mail your check to the following address:

Adams for Sheriff
P.O. Box 1855
Southern Pines, NC 28388

Please include your name, address, phone number, job title/profession, and Employer. If you are retired, please be aware that the Board of Elections has changed the rules: You may no longer just enter "retired" for both the job title and profession. You may enter "retired" for your job title; however, you must provide a company name or business/industry segment for profession.

Please note that North Carolina Campaign Finance Law limits contributions from individuals to a maximum of $5,200 per election. Besides checks and currency, the Board of Elections considers "...anything of value given to influence an election" to be a contribution. Note that this does not include volunteer work. As long as you are not compensated for it, you can perform an unlimited amount of volunteer work.

Donations of food, beverages, office supplies, printing or other services, furniture, etc. are considered "in-kind" contributions, so their value counts against contribution limits.

Contributions to the Adams for Sheriff Committee are not tax deductible.

Please be advised that we cannot accept contributions made from any business or corporate account or card (of any kind: e.g. corporations, S corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships, non-profit corporations, etc.). Please ensure that any funds that you donate to us are from an individual account or personal charge/debit card.

The information in the form below is required by the North Carolina Board of Elections and will be reported to the Board as required by NC Statutes. The Campaign will not share, sell or otherwise divulge your information with any other parties. Nor will we use your information for any marketing or solicitations.